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Recycling plastic into new plastic products contributes to a remarkable reduction in the environmental impact of plastic waste. As a result, we preserve our valuable resources, reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and limit the amount of plastic waste in nature.


Optimising & recycling

The challenge of versatile plastics

Technological advances allow us to develop new
materials and improve recycling processes.

Less waste

By using recycled plastic, U PLASTICS helps significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste and make a real difference. In this way, we contribute to healthy nature and the protection of a fragile ecosystem.

Energy saving

The procedure of mining, refining and processing raw materials into plastic consumes a remarkable amount of energy. By working with recycled materials, we reduce our energy consumption to an absolute minimum.

Preserving resources

Precious resources such as oil are in high demand in the creation and processing of all kinds of products. We choose to conserve these resources and only work with recycled plastic.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

By taking a conscious approach to recycling, U PLASTICS helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and limit climate change. We obtain our final plastic by recycling already existing plastics instead of producing entirely new plastic.

Job creation

Our ambition is, of course, to achieve continuous growth and provide problem-solving answers to our customer’s demands. To achieve this, we count on strong employees with whom we can build a stable and profitable future together. The plastics industry never stands still and is constantly evolving. This automatically means new jobs for our local economy!

Cost efficiency

In order to be a profitable and healthy company and, above all, to remain so, we maintain healthy cost efficiency. We always strive to minimise costs when charting our balance between the effectiveness and costs of our operations.